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Wedding photography as we previously mentioned in our last article about the best do’s and don’ts of wedding planning was high on our list as one of the most important aspects of the day. It’s critical to your day and every aspect of your day generally tends to center around something as important as wedding photography. It’s hard to know where to draw the line with costs on wedding photographers as they all carry different price ranges and all carry and possess different sets of skills which makes it ever harder to choose.

So the main thing to consider from hiring a wedding photographer really is to just consider exactly what you want from a wedding photographer. There are a lot of things that could impact your decisions and that really depends on what kind of coverage you would like and what kind of photos really string a cord with you. It’s extremely popular at the moment to get photographers that are classically and traditionally trained and go for a more posed approach. This could be seen as a bit of an old school approach to photography now days, but there is still a growing demand for this kind of photographer in the UK. Especially in areas such as London and the North where this kind of photography seems to still be a firm favourite.

A lot of this kind of choice still depends on geographic location as well. Really where you are in the UK as it is still very popular to have a traditional approach in some places, this seems to be less so in areas such as London and Cornwall however. This is mainly in part due to the growing craze of reportage and documentary wedding photographers and the way that they are changing the scene of wedding photography throughout the UK. This does seem to be a growing trend for this approach to wedding and there seems to be a lot less formal, stuffy and posed wedding photography these days. Reportage wedding photographer as well as documentary is simply just shooting in a storytelling manner and really capturing what is happening on your wedding day rather than what could happen and posing and staging events of the wedding day. It’s extremely popular as it’s becoming more and more awkward these days to have posed photographs as everyone wants something a lot more unique and not the same old tired style of shot over and over again.

There is a lot of originality in shooting in this manner as it really is completely unique to each wedding. if you aren’t setting anything up and just watching and waiting for what is going to happen on the wedding day then there is more chance of you getting photographs that have never been taken before and this is why this trend is so popular. It’s extremely popular among wedding photographer Cornwall because it really is a very fresh scene in Cornwall, there is a buzzing and extremely vibrant wedding case at the minute growing every year. There is some 5000 weddings held in Cornwall and Devon nearly every year, so it is generally at the forefront of wedding trends.

It’s interesting to note that Cornwall seems to be very at the forefront of wedding photography trends due to it being a very trendy and such a well-established area for wedding venues. So it is with no doubt that trends are defiantly set here and these can make the biggest difference in the industry as a whole. So it is a good approach guiding your wedding photographer choices. So it really is up to you just how you want to sculpt and guide your wedding day as to what kind of thing you choose, its always good to keep in mind that even though some wedding photographers in the South West are expensive; it doesn’t mean this is a sign or quality. There are some extremely expensive photographers who aren’t as good as some of the un-experienced ones. Although saying that, some of the new ones aren’t great either. The best piece of advice is to decide exactly what you want to achieve and then to really approach photographers that resonate with your ethos and have the right kind of approach to how you envisage your wedding day going and then ask them nicely to see a full wedding as an example.

It’s all very good seeing highlights of some of their best wedding work but really you need to take a look at a typical example of what you will actually get from your wedding package. It shouldn’t be a real problem for any wedding photographer worth his weight in gold. They will all be quite okay with showing you their work and should actually be quite proud of it. It’s a good way then to see the bulk of the photos they take; this is where you will generally see what the majority of their photos are like. If all of there photos are amazing, then you know you are onto a winner. If it’s just a few stand out images then you know to avoid that photographer completely. Any photographer should be able to show you this sport of wedding via an online gallery without the need to meet them in advance. This is a good approach as you should be able to know the bulk of their work before you get to meet them. Once you are happy with the standard and level of their work, then you can take a view to meeting them in person. This is a definite must when planning wedding photography. You should definitely meet all photographers first and if you do then you will be able to see if it will be awkward on the wedding day.

We really hope this helps you decide on what a good wedding photographer is and how to find them. Don’t Burdon yourself finding one and be ready to share the load with your fiancĂ© and indeed friends and family. They will be able to help you decide who is best for you.

Wedding Do’s and Dont’s

Planning a wedding is one of the hardest parts of anyone’s life. There are tons of different elements to the day which make it a hard job for anyone to do on their own. So without this guide and help from the internet itself, planning a wedding can be a massive issue.

There is no need to suffer alone however when planning a wedding like this, and whilst there are a lot of different factors surrounding the day that really need to be planned thoroughly and have to run to schedule, there is no reason why with this guide you can’t plan all of those little aspects of the day yourself

Before we get into the bulk of this article and the real do’s and don’ts of wedding planning it is super important to know that you really shouldn’t have the burden of a whole wedding on your own. You should look to plan with family and friends and definitely with your Fiance. Keep that in mind throughout the whole planning.


Make sure you research every aspect of the day thoroughly. This is one of the most important bits of wedding planning that I could ever tell you and one of the things you really should pay attention to mostly. You really should make sure that everything is thought out completely this can include venue choices, right through to who you use as your florist – this can really impact the theme and style of your day, so definitely should not be overlooked as a critical aspect of the day.

Photographers should be one of the key things you consider when looking to really get the best out of your wedding day. Wedding photography is a critical piece of any wedding and integral to everything. It’s the one constant reminder of your day that will be on your mantel piece for years and years to come and something you definitely don’t want to skimp on. Choosing the wrong photographer for your wedding really could be the difference between a sucess story and a disaster of your wedding. If you choose a photographer that doesn’t pick the right kind of shots for your day and doesn’t buy in to your plan for YOUR day then there is every chance that you will waste precious memories.

If you miss these key elements and the photographer doesn’t document your day accurately then you will really suffer in the long term. You will be spending thousands and thousands of pounds on your wedding and to skimp on a photographer  which is so integral to remember the day, from the start will really be one of the worst things you can do. This really is something you should pay strict attention to.

Know how you want your wedding day to go. This is really important aspect of the whole wedding planning process. If you have a firm plan in your head about how the wedding needs to go, what you want you and your guests to take away from the day, then you can build your plan around that.

It’s hard to book your day completely and then afterwards decide how you want the day to go. If you do that there is little chance you will get the feel and the flow of your day to accurately portray your feelings and love on the day. This really is critical and it’s something that so often is overlooked in the whole wedding planning process, especially for weddings in London and Cornwall which are some of the most desirable areas to get married in.


Don’t copy other peoples ideas and plans. The whole point of a wedding really should be to celebrate your love. And to share a day that you remember. So where is the sense in following in someone else’s footsteps and having exactly the same plans and celebrations that they did. You are unique and your day is unique. So make sure as the most important ‘dont’ that you really try to define your day yourself and don’t follow what others do. Planning can greatly be helped by looking on the internet and by looking at stuff such as Pinterest and by looking at other such guides such as these amazing wedding planning guides on Amazon which really can help, but then at the same time, you have to consider that these will shape and define your day into what they want it to be. If you want to read these guides just for ideas and inspiration that’s always a good thing but then after time you need to discard as much of this as possible and really start looking at crafting your own vision of your day and how you want that day to go.

And one of the most important bits above everything that I have mentioned so far in the whole of this guide is to really just make sure that you don’t get stressed and obsessed about how your day should go. If you do, it will fail. There’s really not much to much else to it. If you have a plan and it gets stuck to in so much detail then if it goes off course on the wedding day itself you are really going to struggle and potentially not going to enjoy your whole day. I really think you need to become obsessed about any aspects of the day in so much detail.

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